Software and Firmware Installation Files

Please review the System Admin Guide and User Manual before installing software/firmware.

Windows download now includes both EvokoHome Panel application and EvokoHome service. Installation instructions included in the download package.
Please download software like 7zip ( in order to extract that is will be download from windows download link.

Evoko Liso Sofware / Firmware downloads

PLEASE NOTE IF INSTALLING ON WINDOWS: You must uninstall existing Evoko Home and NodeJS version before installing NodeJS 4.8.0 and Evoko Home 1.30. For more info look in the online manual, section 3a (Prerequisites)

RoomWizard Downloads

Here you will find links to download zip files containing the current downloads for RoomWizard.

Firmware Update Instructions – RoomWizard 20

Firmware Updates – RoomWizard 10

RoomWizard Exchange Synchronisation Package

RoomWizard Administrative Console

RoomWizard Analytics Console

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