A+K Technical was commissioned to design and install a fully integrated presentation facility for the manufacturer of energy-saving fans and motors. Learn how this was achieved. 

ebm-papst UK is part of Europe’s largest manufacturer of energy-saving fans and motors. The company is a market leader in high quality, technologically advanced air movement products which are integrated into a wide range of items from Miele Kitchen appliances to industrial refrigeration and air conditioning units.

To maintain their pursuit of excellence, ebm-papst decided to develop part of their Chelmsford-based office building into a new client centre. As part of this development, ebm-papst required a high specification audio visual presentation environment in which they could impress important clients with presentations, but also where they could host internal meetings.

ebm-papst required the presentation room to have video conferencing and control system facilities. A priority for the company was that everyone in the room could actively participate in conference calls and be easily seen and heard during a call no matter where they were sat in the room. To achieve these objectives, ebm-papst were recommended the services of Anders+Kern for their expertise in high quality product selection and installation.

In the lead up to the decision to use the integration services of A+K, several meetings and discussions took place between ebm-papst and the A+K team. These included a visit to Anders+Kern’s demonstration facilities at their head offices in Mildenhall, Suffolk. It was after seeing A+K’s own facilities and equipment on show, in a room that was installed and designed by A+K’s technical teams, ebm-papst were so impressed that they decided they’d like a similar set up and selection of products for their own offices.

The finished project

The final, fully-integrated audio visual system installed at the ebm-papst client centre included a 2.3 metre wide Stewart Luxus Screenwall frame with Stewart FireHawk G3 flexible front projection screen surface. The Luxus frame has Stewart's exclusive VeLux™ black-velvet appliqué finish giving it a luxurious look and feel. This specialised frame finish absorbs possible projector over-scan while boosting perceived contrast. The FireHawk G3 Flexible front projection surface was the ideal choice for a front projection application where ambient light may be present; providing increased black levels, shadow detailing, and superior colour saturation.

The front projection was provided by a 5000 ANSI Lumens Mitsubishi FL7000U projector. This high specification installation projector was the perfect partner for the Stewart screen to provide stunning HD 1080p images projected onto a surface that had been specifically engineered for use with 1080p technology. The ultra-fine optical coating of the FireHawk G3 also serves to improve image uniformity for consistent brightness across the entire screen.

The choice of video conferencing system for the installation was a Polycom HDX8002. The image feeds from this system can be displayed on the main FireHawk G3 screen or either of the 2 Mitsubishi 42” LCD displays that flank the Stewart screen.

The installation included 2 A+K custom made presentation lecterns on which re-enforcement microphones were placed in order to maximize pick up of the presenters’ voice. Elsewhere, 4 Polycom ceiling microphones and Kef motorized speakers were installed in the venue enabling everyone in the room to hear and be heard.

The ease with which the installed AV products could be deployed at a moments notice was also an important consideration for the ebm-papst team. To achieve this, a Crestron touch panel was used for its intuitive interface and simplicity of use.

There were several phases throughout the project with the final handover taking place back in May 2009 in time for the official opening in June 2009. The five months from start to finish involved project management from A+K, including meetings with ebm-papst Directors in the initial stages to collaborating with the on-site construction team. On completion of the project, the A+K team provided system training to bring the ebm-papst team up to speed with the technology.

With the expertise of A+K, the installation has provided a very high specification and practical presentation room. ebm-papst are delighted with their client centre which is frequently used for presentations, video conferencing and internal meetings.

Equipment List:

  • Stewart Fixed frame Luxus screenwall
  • Stewart Firehawk G3 Flexible Front projection surface
  • Mitsubishi FL7000U installation projector
  • SMS brackets and mounts
  • Bespoke A+K lecterns
  • Mitsubishi LDT421V LCD screens
  • Polycom HDX8002 video conferencing system
  • Polycom SoundStructure C16 audio system
  • Kef motorized speakers
  • Crestron system control

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