Romford Baptist Church

A+K Technical was appointed by Romford Baptist Church to rejuvenate a dated AV System.

Romford Baptist Church is located in the busy town centre and holds a variety of activities each day and lively Sunday morning services. The service includes a mixture of modern song and traditional hymns and is attended by lots of families, with seating for up to 400 people.

In 2008, the church decided they wanted to refit the main worship area. The existing AV system had been added to over a period of 10 years; different elements had been added at different times. The church had a simple projection for song words and use of a single camera; they felt the current system didn’t enhance the worship experience as much as what it could do.

The leadership team at the church was keen to install a state-of-the-art system that was comprehensive without being difficult to operate. Their main aim was to have a system to make the entire congregation feel involved in the service.

Anders+Kern was appointed to the project, with the company’s involvement starting at the design stage. Romford Baptist was keen for A+K to take the lead throughout the project from the technical solution to the final install. To begin, A+K held meetings with the existing church leadership and volunteer AV teams, users and operators. This allowed A+K to shape the specification to meet the requirements of these stakeholder groups.

A large, Stewart Filmscreen rear projection screen at the front of the worship area would provide part of that solution. The Luxus Deluxe Screenwall was selected to provide a picturesque appearance. This was combined with the Mitsubishi FL7000U installation projector. The rest of the brief was solved by installing various Mitsubishi LCD Screens throughout the church to engage all the audience. To complete the system, A+K designed a very simple large button interface to control the AV infrastructure. This meant minimal training was required as it was easy to use for all operators.

A+K were on site on several occasions over the 15 month period, from the first meeting to the final handover in advance of the official opening in January 2009. During this period challenges were met including remotely controlling over 20 devices and installing over 1km of cabling without any being visible, these were over come by A+K’s expert knowledge and experience.

Since completion the system is used several times a week, and the church now enjoys using the multiple inputs including live camera images, PC, Laptops and DVD’s to enhance the service.

Equipment List:

  • Stewart Filmscreen Luxus Deluxe Screenwall
  • Mitsubishi FL7000 + 0.8:1 lens
  • 4 x Mitsubishi LDT421V
  • 3 x Mitsubishi LDT461V
  • Extron Twisted Pair extenders
  • Extron IN1508 scaler
  • Extron 8:8 VGA Matrix
  • Crestron AV2 Controller
  • Crestron ST-1700C Touch panel
  • Crestron ST-PC
  • Crestron Wall button panels
  • SMS Func Wall Mount
  • SMS WH3D Mounts
  • SMS WL3D Mounts

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