Unparalleled Audio Visual System Design & Installation

The success of a presentation, training or collaboration space relies heavily on how attendees are able to engage with the content being delivered. The quality of an audio visual installation is central to the effectiveness of communication. Great audio installations allow everyone to hear easily through intelligent use of acoustic treatment techniques, through choice and positioning of loudspeakers and microphones or through flexible processing and control for different applications.

Visual communication is paramount for learning or decision making so the importance of display technology cannot be underestimated. To be effective, the choice of display technology must be appropriate for the physical space and appropriate for the content to be displayed.

During A+K’s 20+ years in the audio visual industry we have been involved in the design and installation of many types of audio and visual systems using technology from a wide range of suppliers to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

Audio System Consultancy 

Clarity of audio reproduction and intelligibility of speech are essential in presentation and learning environments. Whether you need voice reinforcement, integrated audio for video conferencing or immersive surround sound for presentations, A+K has the experience and expertise to design and install the highest quality audio system appropriate for your environment and your budget. From small powered speakers for a meeting room through to multichannel mixing and processing for churches or auditoriums.

Our team has manufacturer certification along with training on acoustics and audio reproduction from leading lecturers and engineers.

Projection System Design

Projection systems are often the best way to achieve large high impact images for meeting rooms, boardrooms or other presentation spaces. Systems comprise of a projector, lens, projection screen and often, a control system. Consideration when choosing components can make a significant difference to the user experience of the system.

A+K work with a range of manufacturers to understand the benefits of rear projection over front projection, high gain screens vs low gain screens or the link between projector brightness and contrast.

We have unparalleled experience with single and double mirror rear projection and have commissioned systems for some of the world’s most exacting clients.

Control System Programming 

Investment in high quality AV brings little value to the organisation without widespread user adoption. A+K’s experience with control system programming allows us to bring control of complex multi input, multi output systems on to a simple, easy to use interface.

From the increasingly wide range of products on the market A+K choose systems which are easy to use, reliable and flexible to give you what you need now and room to change in the future.

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